It was a childhood


It was all started when I was a child. I was the youngest of all 4 daughters. It seems that my parents kind of know what a child needs by the time they had me.

I grew up in a farm in a very small town in Thailand. Everyday, my parents had to work on a farm. I was often left alone at the house during the day. That was when I started reading a lot of manga (Japanese comic) and they inspired me to pick up a pencil and start drawing my own “manga”

The passion started to grow from there. Though I went to college in LA for many many major (BioChem, Business, you name it) None of them stuck with me nor I went through with any of them. The passion for art, comic has always been burning in the back of my mind.

This year, 2022. I have decided to make my childhood dream come true. Despite all the negative beliefs surrounding how art barely make artist any money. I have decided to stick to this path I have paved for myself.