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handmade veggie tote bag (3rd edition)

handmade veggie tote bag (3rd edition)

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Oh yes they’re back!


My 3rd edition handmade tote bag! These guys are the products from the collaboration between me and my mom.

My mom, she recently retired from her long time job at the age of 68. One day she told me to please find something for her to do to keep her brain jogging because she thinks she’s losing her ability to memorize simple stuffs. For someone who had never stop working all her life, all the sudden staying at home watching tv seems to have done something to her brain.

 And that’s how it all started. I draw designs and made them into fabric, and then she made them into tote bags all by herself. Good for you mom.

These are slightly bigger than the other edition though.

The size is about 15”x13” and if you find it’s a quarter inch off from what I mentioned here, please remember it’s 100% 70y/o person handmade…. She’s trying very hard I promise🥹



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